Introducing Sabah al-Binali's Musings

I’d like to welcome you to Sabah al-Binali’s Musings. Over the years I have learnt much from mentors, friends and colleagues. The greatest lessons nearly always involved developing a new way to look at the issues. These were the lessons that I could apply repeatedly in my career to great success. Earlier this year I decided to try and give back to the business community in my own way, by passing on what has worked for me. This took the form of a weekly column at The National, a respected newspaper with a great editorial staff that have been extremely supportive.

The feedback to my articles has been overwhelmingly positive and more importantly instructive. I continue to learn from my peers from their responses, be it confirming my ideas, extending and adapting them, or critiquing them. I feel it is a shame to miss these learning opportunities and decided to launch a platform to allow these discussions to flourish and, if we are lucky, to even coax participants to author articles with their own ideas.

This platform is not meant to supplant my working relationship with The National but to complement it. I will continue to publish my articles in the paper, but will also publish on this blog to give people an opportunity to comment and to allow me to follow up with brief posts clarifying or debating issues communicated to me via email.