Activist investing would be a boon to the UAE

In my previous article I suggested, using scenes from the film A Beautiful Mind, that game the­ory could explain why more than 50 banks exist in an economy too small to commercially need such business. The idea is bas­ically that banks choose to be mediocre because competition would harm them to the benefit of customers. The feedback was tremendous, and I would

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Anthony Mallis, SICO

Anthony Mallis on Building SICO into a Regional Asset Manager

In the first of an occasional series titled Executive Insight I will write together with a regional business leader who shares the benefits of their experience. Anthony Mallis, the chief executive of Securities & Investment Company (SICO) of Bahrain between 2001 to 2014, grew a boutique brokerage company into a regional asset management powerhouse. (Tony is humble in his accomplishments and all

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