Why the iPhone is Feminist

This is going to be a short, but powerful, post.

We all know that the iPhone is a battery hog. If you use any of its features then the battery will not last for the whole day. Quite often the battery will drain even when you are not using it. This has created a massive market in mobile phone chargers.

The size of these chargers ranges from a small cigar, capable of a single recharge, to bricks that can provide four recharges to two iPhones at a time.

Men might be able to ensconce a single charge portable on their person.

Women, who are not threatened by carrying a personal container, can easily store a four charge mobile charger in their purse.

The personal advantage of women being able to communicate with the world when men have long lost their battery charge is enormous. But the true power for women comes from men requesting access to the net via their female colleague’s phone, or even more emasculating, to ask for a recharge of their phones using the second connector on their colleague’s mobile charger. Seriously, it’s like being the mistress.

Men, who have been earning far more than women not because they are better but because the world is sexist, will finally learn what it is to ask a woman to treat them as an equal.

It is not clear to me if Apple has secretly been working as the gender equaliser, or if their massive incompetence has led to this situation. A global karma possibly? Or would that be iKarma?

They say that a change in the wind creates deserts. Perhaps a change in technology can alter misconceptions held for far too long.

An economy missing half its population is running at 50% of potential. What a waste.