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Welcome. There is a lot here, so I thought that I would point to a few articles that I think are important and those that have been the most popular.

The Investor’s Edge is probably the most interesting if you are focussed on in investing and describes my investment philosophy. It is a longer than my other articles but it is well worth it the read. A lot of more of my investing style can be found by browsing the Investing page.

My Zawya Story series about my purchase of a failed UK based media company, moving it to Dubai, turning it around and then selling it to Reuters for 20x money is a good way to see a turnaround from beginning to end.

The most popular article is UAE Lagging as a Financial Center According to Indicator, an analysis of the UAE in its transformation into a global player.

The second most popular Entrepreneurs’ Dreams which analyses the detrimental affect that too much money can have on the venture capital ecosystem and in particular looks at the effects of and Emaar Malls on the UAE’s e-commerce sector.

Next is GREs versus the Private Sector in the UAE which seems to be popular because it examines the performance and effect on the economy of the UAE’s GREs and SWFs.

I write a lot about SMEs because they represent such great opportunities in terms of investments and business. In the #4 spot is The SME Credit Gap in the Middle East.

Negotiation: Playing Chicken is a massive hit with my international readers. This seemed to have been triggered by the Greek/EU crisis and then gained popularity as other economic standoff scenarios unfolded around the world.

Mediocrity as a strategic goal for UAE banks? clearly resonated with the consumers who follow my blog, as I try to find a reason why the UAE has 50 banks that don’t seem to exhibit competitive behaviour.


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